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Concrete Overlays

Tru-Hybrid: Decorative Concrete Overlay

TruHybrid ™ Multi-Mix is the first of its kind for concrete overlay. Designed to stamp, spray, trowel and broom.


  • Only one bag to stock.

  • Long working time.

  • Easy to use and just add water

Slick Mix: Polishable Self leveling Concrete Overlay

Slick Mix ™ is the best polish-able, self leveling concrete overlay . It has the highest PSI. with the longest working time.


  • Over 20 minute working time.

  • Foot traffic in as little as 2 hours.

  • Cures out at 7000 PSI.

Nano Bond: Acrylic Concrete Bonding Agent

Start with a concrete bonding agent that works. Nano Bond ™ concrete bonding agent primer allows our overlay bag mixes to bond to existing concrete surfaces.


  • Bonds cement based materials together.

  • Adheres to most surfaces.

  • Works fast and effective.

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