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shimmer | Metallic Pigments

Shimmer™ is the most beautiful metallic pigments coloring system. It is compatible with any clear carrier to create endless possibilities.



Used in the following Systems


Available In:



  • 8oz container


  • Allows you to add the color yourself.

  • Used in Epoxies, Polyaspartics, Stains and Sealers.

  • Pre-packaged so there is no measuring.



  • Tru-Shimmer


Metallic epoxy pigments

Shimmer ™ metallic pigments are a coloring system made of iron oxide pigments and mica powder. It is added to clear carriers and applied in different ways to produce one of a kind finishes.


Metallic epoxy pigments can be applied to a concrete, wood or metal surface. Epoxy is the favorite choice because of the way it flows and the look you can achieve with it.


These mica pigments may also be added to other clear carriers such as sealers, stains and other resinous coatings. Each coating is able to achieve its own look due to the characteristics of the coating.


Shimmer ™ contains such fine mica pigments that it disperses very easy in even highly viscous coatings. The metallic epoxy pigments will flow freely in the coating and conform to the surface they are applied over. This is why each application is unique.


Metallic epoxy pigments offer a look that cannot be duplicated with any other product. They are the hottest trend in flooring and counter tops. Some clients even opt to have their furniture coated to match or compliment their floors or counter tops.


By applying the metallic epoxy pigments over a colored primer; you can change the over-all look of the metallic epoxy color. Different colors of primer make the mica pigments change color as well.


Light primers makes Shimmer ™ metallic epoxy pigments look more vibrant and dark colors like dark gray or black make the product look warm and rich.


Shimmer ™ mica pigments are pre-packaged in 8 ounce by volume containers. One container is added to one container of our high-build epoxy. There is no measuring. Your color will be consistent throughout the entire project. Simply add the metallic pigment to the high-build epoxy and mix.


We produce 16 earth tone colors to choose from. Check out our Shimmer ™ Color Chart. We are able to make over 150 different colors for our customers that want to sell metallic epoxy pigments. We can supply these mica pigments at the cheapest price.

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