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TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer

slick mix installation
slick mix

Slick Mix ™ is the best polish-able, self leveling concrete overlay . It has the highest PSI. with the longest working time





Used in the following Systems


Available In:
- 52 lb bag


  • Tru-Slick

  • Over 20 minute working time.

  • Foot traffic in as little as 4 hours.

  • Cures out at 7600 PSI.

  • White mix can be tinted with color shade

  • Polishable within 24 hrs

slick mix™


polishable self leveling concrete overlay mix

Slick Mix ™ self leveling concrete overlay is used mainly as a self leveling compound floor leveler. It is the newest formulation of self leveling compounds with extended flow and heal times and higher compressive strength.This product was engineered to offer many solutions in the flooring industry.


It may be used as a traditional flooring underlayment. This is to smooth out sub-floors to make installation easier and faster.Slick Mix ™ self leveling concrete overlay may be used under engineered flooring as a floor leveler. Certain types of flooring need the flatness of the sub-floor to be within a certain tolerance.


Slick Mix™ self leveling concrete overlay will bring the flatness of the substrate within the required specification.Slick Mix ™ can be used as a finished flooring system itself. It can be applied over wood and concrete surfaces to achieve a hard troweled concrete appearance.


This self leveling concrete overlay also known as a SLO can also be polished. It can go through the same polishing process as conventional concrete and produce the same fabulous results.


Polishable overlays are not created equal and Slick Mix ™ raises the bar.Coloring for this self leveling compound can be achieved with integral color being added during placement. It can also be dyed or stained to achieve the desired color and effect.Slick Mix ™ is the best floor leveler available.


It is the easiest self leveling overlay to apply. It has the longest working and heal time even in hotter temperatures.The compressive strength of Slick Mix ™ is very impressive. It boasts a high-early strength of 3500 psi in just 24 hours and a full cure compressive strength of 7000 psi.


This self leveling compound can accept foot traffic in as little as 2 hours. This allows a quick return to service with faster turn-around times.Slick Mix ™ is the best self leveling concrete overlay available to contractors. It will level your floors fast and without much effort. This product does all of the work for you.

Color Shade: Concrete Pigment

slick mix color chart
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