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Epoxy Coatings

HBE-FC Fast Curing 100% Solids Self Leveling Epoxy

HBE-FC™ High Build Epoxy is a Fast Curing, two part 100% solids self-leveling high performance coating system. It has excellent apply-able flow ability and very good chemical resistance/physical properties. This formulation is design to be used in a wide range of applications from 8- 16 mils. Color flakes, and Decorative Quartz can be broadcasted into HBE-FC™ along with a variety of color pigments.

HBE™: 100% Solids Self Leveling Epoxy

HBE™ a self leveling epoxy coating and toughest industrial concrete epoxy coating. It is used for build coats and broadcast systems. Blend our Shimmer metallic pigments and HBE™ to acheive our Tru-Shimmer metallic epoxy flooring system


  • Extremely UV and blush resistant.

  • May be used with metallic pigments.

  • Available in clear and colored formulations.

WBEQK™: Quick Curing Water Base Epoxy

WBEQK™   is a clear two component water based epoxy coating designed with quick curing aspects of solvent based products but, with extremely low odors. WBEQ™ is not designed for topcoat over colored floors.


  • Quick Curing

  • No Odors

  • It has a long pot life with good working time.

  • Available in clear and colored formulations.

SBE™ : Solvent Base Epoxy

SBE ™ is a solvent based epoxy every contractor’s best friend. A simple 1:1 ratio, quick dry time and easy to apply concrete epoxy coating.


  • 2 hour pot life with 2 hour dry time.

  • Adheres to almost any surface.

  • Available in clear and colored formulations

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Solvent base epoxy coating
quick curing water base epoxy
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