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trucrete about us

Our Products

TruCrete Surfacing Systems is a concrete coatings manufacturer of products used in the decorative concrete, wood and metal industry. These concrete coatings are used by contractors and property owners to beautify and protect many different surfaces.



Each product that we produce must meet three requirements

-They must be extremely durable and long lasting.
-They must be easy to apply
for all levels of experience.
-They must cost less than comparable products
from our competitors.


This is all for the benefit of our customers.  They need to know they are working with concrete coatings that will give them the greatest chance for success.

Who We Are


Trucrete Inc. is a privately owned company located at 1589 Sulphur Spring Rd. Suite 106 Baltimore, Maryland. We are a manufacture of decorative and industrial coatings for concrete, wood and metal surfaces. We produce and sell superior decorative concrete overlay and resinous flooring systems to end users and retail suppliers. We provide professional installation services for all of our flooring systems.

What We do


  • Manufacturing
    We engineer the highest quality decorative concrete products. Our manufacturing capabilities include grouts, mortars, pigments, stains sealers and resins.
  • Sales
    Products manufactured by TruCrete are available for purchase by industry professionals with the intent to use or resell. Our products may be purchased direct or through distributors that stock our products.
  • Installation                                                           We provide professional installation services for all of our products and flooring systems. We believe that our products are only as good as the contractors installing them.  

Why We Exist


TruCrete  is devoted to helping sustain the industrial coatings decorative. Providing superior, user-friendly products; we have made it possible for customers to have the most high performance systems available. TruCrete will strive to evolve ahead of the competition and continue to produce the highest quality products and systems for our customers.


Our Location


TruCrete  is perfectly positioned close to the Port of Baltimore for easy shipping to our international customers as well. Contact Us for information in regards to purchasing our products to use, resell or distribute.

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