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trucrete about us

Our Products

APC Super Store is a Distributor of concrete coatings and waterproofing products used in the decorative concrete, wood and metal industry. These products are used by contractors and property owners to beautify and protect many different surfaces.



Each product that we sell and/Distribute must meet three main requirements

-They must be extremely durable and long lasting.
-They must be easy to apply
for all levels of experience.
-They must cost less than comparable products
from our competitors.


Who We Are


APC Epoxy Super Store is a privately owned company located at 381 Mount Vernon Ave, Odenton, Maryland. We are a Direct Distributor of decorative and industrial coatings for concrete, wood and metal surfaces. We  sell superior products for applications in the decorative concrete and resinous floor coatings indurstry. We are the exclusive Distributor for ISONEM products in the USA and and sell to Contractors, end users and retail suppliers. We provide professional installation services for all of our flooring systems. With over 3 decades of experience in the concrete coatings industry, President and Ceo Gregory Smith decided to start Armor Prep Coatings, LLC in 2015. To create solutions to the rising issues with moisture mitigation, waterproofing and insulation issues, APC Teamed up with ISONEM USA to become APC Super Store to distribute what has proven to be some of the most innovative waterproofing and insulation products on the market to date. Our goal is to continue to expand and educate through product awareness and partnerships with other distributors in North America. Our journey has only just begun. We invite anyone interested in jointing this fast growing industry to contact us and ask us how we can change your life's trajectory through a partnership with us!

What We do


  • Certified Hands on Training Program
         APC is committed to bringing product awareness           and entrepreneural opportunities to serious                   minded people throughout North America.                       Through our hands on training programs and                   product demonstrations, we strive to educate our           customers and assist them in taking the                           necessary steps towards financial freedom                     through entrepreneuralship in the concrete                     coatings and waterproofing industry.
  • Sales
    Products Distributed by APCSS are available for retail purchase and by industry professionals
     with the intent to use or resell. Our products may be purchased direct or through distributors that stock our products.
  • Installation                                                           We provide professional installation services for all of our products and flooring systems. We believe that our products perform exceedingly well especially when application recommendations are followed closely.  

Why We Exist


APCSS is committed to bringing opportunities to underprivileged and often overlooked communities where education and skilled training may not exist or is unaffordable. By providing skilled training and some of the most innovation products in the concrete coatings and waterproofing industry, our goal is to be a part of the solution to impoverished communities as well as offering a second chance to those who may have made a bad decision or 2 in life but want to turn their lives around. Education and skills development are keys to combating poverty as well as broken neighborhoods.....we want to do our part to be part of the solution. 


Our Location

APCSS  is perfectly positioned 30 minutes from DC and 30 minutes from Baltimore making it convenient for our customers in Baltimore and Washington DC and surrounding areas to reach us.  Contact Us for information regarding Training classes, or for  purchasing our products to use, resell or distribute.

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