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TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer

water base concrete stain training

Infused™ is the ultimate concrete stain. It works on any concrete surface with consistent results.




Used in the following Systems


Available In:


- 5 gallon

- 55 gallon


  • Tru-Stain

  • Tru-Slick

  • Tru-Slate

  • Tru-Stamp

  • Tru-Spray

  • No clean up just seal.

  • Make any color and intensity.

  • The easiest stain to apply.



water base concrete stain

Infused™ is a water based concrete stain. It is a clear carrier that you add color to yourself. This gives you control to fully customize any project to meet your client’s demands.


This product is concentrated and needs to be reduced with water which makes it even more cost-effective. One thing that makes Infused™ so unique for staining concrete is that there is no end to your options.


We recommend using our Color Shade™ Universal Colorant but any water based pigments will work to make beautiful concrete stain colors. By adding more or less Color Shade™, you control the opacity and can have an opaque stain or add less and have a translucent concrete stain. It all depends on how much or little of the surface you want to see.


You can also add white with other colors to make lighter shades. This is amazing and no other product gives the end user this much control. Another awesome characteristic of Infused™ concrete stain is that it works on any concrete, masonry or cement overlay surface.


It is the best product ever for just staining concrete. It works on stamped concrete and stamped overlays as well. The fact that you can staining concrete without having to clean residue or breathe in harsh solvents is priceless.


Infused™ can be sealed with just about any sealer or coating. It is usually sealed with our water based sealers because you do not need solvent based to make the concrete stain colors pop. So, now you are using a complete water based concrete staining system and sealer with very low voc content and almost no odor.


There are so many ways to apply our concrete stain that you can achieve almost anything. You can spray it from a pump up sprayer or HVLP gun. You can use a soft bristle brush or roller. Some choose to use a micro-fiber mop to createdifferent concrete staining effects. There is no right or wrong ways to apply; just personal choice.

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