TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer

PC-SL™ is a heavy duty self leveling polyurethane-based cementitious mix designed for Harsh environments.





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Available In:Red /grey


- 32lb Kit

  • Easy to apply

  • Self-leveling

  • Superior adhesion (stronger than tensile strength of concrete)

  • Resistant to moisture, mold, fungi, bacteria

  • Odor Free

  • Self Priming

  • Excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistance

  • Can be applied to new concrete after one week

  • Thermal expansion simular to concrete allowing movement  with the substrate through normal thermal cycling.

  • Retains its physical characteristics from -40 °F - 260 °F


self leveling heavy duty polyurethane cement

PC-SL™ is a self-leveling heavy duty, polyurethane based cement screed. It is design to provide excellent impact/abrasion resistance that will deform but not crack/debond under harsh environments.

PC-SL™ has excellent chemical resistance and can withstand a wide range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amines, salts and solvents.

PC-SL™ Can be applied to 7 day old concrete after adequate preparation and where substrate has tensile bond strength in excess of 1.5 MPa (218 psi)

Dairy Plants
Meat Processing
Food processing plants
Paper plants
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