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October 20, 2017

Benefits of installing a concrete overlay on a pool deck.

November 9, 2015

What is Slick Mix™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay?

Slick Mix ™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay is used mainly as an self leveling compound floor leveler. It is the newest formulation of self leveling compounds with extended flow and heal times and higher compression strength. This product was engineered to offer many solutions in the flooring industry. It may be used as a traditional flooring underlayment. This is to smooth out sub-floors to make installation easier and faster. Slick Mix ™ self leveling concrete overlay may be used under engineered flooring as a floor leveler. Certain types of flooring need the flatness of the sub-floor to be within a certain tolerance. Slick Mix™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay will bring the flatness of the substrate within the required specification. Slick Mix ™ can be used as a finished flooring system itself. It can be applied over wood and concrete surfaces to achieve a hard troweled concrete appearance. This self...

March 28, 2014




Splatter knockdowns are the most popular concrete pool deck resurfacing finish.  Their surface is non-slip which is ideal for wet areas around pools.  They also diffuse the temperature which makes them slightly cooler to walk on with bare feet.  Let’s go step by step to show how you achieve a splatter knockdown finish.


After your normal surface preparation has been completed and all areas to be protected have been masked off; it is time to apply your skim or base coat.  This is done with a magic trowel or rubber squeegee.


If you are going to have a grout line then your base coat would have the desired grout color mixed into it.  Make sure this coat is as smooth as possible and then let it dry.


Before moving to the next step let me say, I have seen these applications done many ways but I believe the best and most consistent look is achieved by doing two spray coats.  That is the technique I will explain here.


Once we have our first spray coat mixed up with the desired color...

February 27, 2014


Metallic epoxy is the hottest trend in the construction industry.  Nothing like it has been seen before.  There are so many benefits with this system but, sheer beauty tops the list.

So, we know it is pretty and unique but, what is it.  Metallic epoxy is a combination of metallic pigments and an epoxy resin.  The two are blended together and that is what creates the molten lava look.

Metallic pigments are sometimes called pearlescent pigments.  They are a blend of mica powder and synthetic iron oxide pigments.  All are in dry, powder form at this point.  These pigments are very light and fluffy.  They resemble sparkly eye shadow.


The pearlescent colorant needs to be mixed with a carrier such as epoxy.  The combination of a pearlescent pigment and epoxy resin is what makes metallic epoxy.  The two are blended together and applied to any suitable surface such as concrete or wood floors, counter tops, table tops and even wall panels.


You start with a colored b...

February 14, 2014

A stamped overlay is a finish that has been embossed with concrete stamps or texture skins to produce different patterns and textures.  A stamped overlay is one of the more advanced applications.  It has the most authentic look when done correctly.  Let’s get into the best way to get that authentic look.


Starting off with a properly prepared concrete surface is important.  Once the substrate  is ready you will start the application by applying two coats of our concrete bonding agent named Nano Bond.  This soaks down into the pores and creates a permanent mechanical and chemical bond.

As soon as the second coat of Nano Bond is dry you will apply a layer of TruHybrid Multi-Mix.  This is our polymer, modified cement overlay.  The thickness will depend on the depth of the stamping tools.


This layer is applied with a gauge rake.  This tool has cams on the ends of a blade that applies the material at the desired thickness that usually ranges from 3/16 of an inch to ½...

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Understanding Metallic Epoxy.

February 27, 2014

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