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TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer

Solvent base epoxy installation
concrete crack repair

Crack Attack™ is a rapid-setting crack filler. It is the fastest concrete crack repair product available.


Available In:



  • 2 gallon kit

  • 10 gallon kit

  • 600ml dual cartridge


  • Product sets in 15-20 minutes

  • Mixes without using a drill.

  • Easy Surface Preparation.

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance.

  • Available in a dual cartridge and 2 gallon kits.

  • Cures in temperatures down to -20°F

Crack attack™ 

concrete crack repair

Crack Attack ™ is a hybrid-urethane concrete crack repair and crack filler system. It is used for filling in concrete cracks, divots and spalled areas. It can also be used to fill the seams in wood subfloors prior to a resinous coating being applied.


Crack Attack™ is ideal for concrete crack repair when speed is a necessity. Once mixed it has a 2 minute pot-life and can be grinded smooth in about 15 minutes. Then you are able to coat right over it. It has a very low viscosity which takes away the need to v-groove out the cracks.


Simply pour the mixed concrete crack filler right over the crack and squeegee it into it. If the crack is wide you will need to fill it with sand and pour the concrete crack filler over it. Crack Attack™ concrete crack filler will flow through the sand and form a solid matrix and re-bond the concrete together.


This product has a 1:1 mixing ratio. Pour equal parts of the concrete crack repair system together and swirl in a circular motion. There is no need to even use a mixing drill or paddle. It blends very easy using this method and will give you more working time. It is used the same way to fill divots and gauges or nail holes.


Fill the area with sand if needed and pour the concrete crack repair product right over it. It will fill in the sand voids and bond everything together. Then just grind smooth and apply your coating. If the area needing concrete crack repair is really wide and you are applying an overlay, you should broadcast sand over the curing crack filler to leave a mechanical profile. With this product’s low viscosity; it really flows deep into all of the pores and capillaries to maximize the efficiency of the concrete crack repair.


Crack Attack ™ concrete crack filler will cure out fast even at low temperatures. It can be slowed down in hot summer months by cooling the components prior to mixing. Crack Attack ™ is the best concrete crack filler and is the best concrete crack repair product you could have.

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