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TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer

Solvent base epoxy installation
concrete color pigments

Color Shade™ concrete color pigment is a universal colorant and the best coloring system for decorative concrete.



Used in the following Systems


Available In:



  • 1 lb bag


  • Allows you to achieve any color.

  • Packaged in 1 lb bags for easy color control.

  • It can tint overlays, stains and sealers.

  • Works in solvent and water based systems.


  • Tru-Slate

  • Tru-Stamp

  • Tru-Spray

  • Tru-Rehab

color shade™ 

concrete color pigment

Color Shade ™ Universal Concrete Color Pigment is a blend of iron-oxide, chromium and cobalt powdered pigments. Primary colors are blended together to create beautiful earth tones such as browns, beige’s and sandstone colors.


This product is used as an overlay colorant. It also will add color to concrete stain, sealers, epoxies and polyaspartic coatings. Color Shade ™ coloring system is compatible with water based, solvent based and 100% solid coating formulations.


This powdered coloring system is compatible with any competitor’s product line. It is a powdered coloring system with no fillers or additives.


The iron oxide pigment used to make Color Shade ™ universal colorants are light fast and will not fade. They are also resistant to high levels of alkalinity.You are able to add color to just about anything with this product. By adding more or less; you control the opacity. By adding white with any color; you control the tone and shade.


Color Shade ™ is used to integrally color concrete overlays, grouts and mortars. It is used to make concrete stains. It is added to sealers to give more color and highlighting effects.It is easy to use this powdered iron oxide pigment coloring system. Simply dump the 1 lb bag of pigment into a 50 lb bag of Hybrid or Slick mix. Blend with a hand drill to disperse the pigments and you are ready to go.


Packaging is in very convenient 1 lb bag suitable to add into a 50 lb bag of Hybrid or Slick Mix. These iron oxide pigments are good forever. They will never go bad or freeze.


If you want to add color to sealer or a counter top mix or a concrete stain; Color Shade ™ is the right product.You can check out our Color Shade ™ integral color chart for the different colors we offer.


We also have the ability to create custom colors from formulations or even from scratch for specific projects.

concrete color pigments color chart
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