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TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer

tru hybrid installation
tru hybrid

TruHybrid ™ Multi-Mix is the first of its kind for concrete overlay. Designed to stamp, spray, trowel and broom.





Used in the following Systems


Available In:


  • 50 lb bag

  • Tru-Slate

  • Tru-Stamp

  • Tru-Spray

  • Tru-Rehab

  • Only one bag to stock.

  • Long working time.

  • Easy to use and just add water.

  • White mix and easlily tintable with color shade 




concrete overlay mix

TruHybrid ™ concrete overlay is a polymer-modified concrete resurfacing mix. It is a blend of graded quartz, cements and high performance additives.truHybrid ™ concrete overlay is engineered for use as a concrete repair and concrete resurfacing mix.


This product is an All in One concrete overlay. It may be used for creating many textures. What makes it unique is the ability to apply this product at various thicknesses without the issues associated with other concrete resurfacing mixes.You can apply truHybrid ™ concrete overlay as a concrete resurfacer and also use it for concrete repair. Because it can be applied at various thicknesses, it is ideal for filling spalled or chipped areas and for replacing broken portions of a slab.


TruHybrid ™ concrete overlay can be sprayed through a texture or hopper gun. It can be applied with a steel trowel as a slate or trowel finish. It can be textured with a concrete broom. truHybrid ™ concrete overlay may be stamped and it can be used as a skim coat.Patching and regarding for concrete repair is easily done with this product. For re-grading it can be applied from several inches thick down to a feathered edge. This can be done in one lift.


There is no concrete resurfacing product that compares to truHybrid ™ concrete overlay. It is the first of its kind. There is only one product to stock. There is only one product to choose. This product takes all the guess work out of concrete repair.


It has the greatest workability compared to all other concrete resurfacing mixes. It has the least amount of steps. It requires the least amount of effort to apply against any other concrete overlay or concrete repair mortar.Everything is already in this product to make your life easier. You do not need retarders or accelerators to make truHybrid ™ concrete overlay work better. It works perfect in climates as hot as San Antonio, Texas and as cold as Nova Scotia.


This concrete repair product is perfect for interior and exterior concrete resurfacing. It can withstand foot and vehicle traffic and all freeze/ thaw climates as well.truHybrid ™ concrete overlay can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces.


It can be used for any texture you are trying to achieve. It is the one concrete repair and resurfacing product you should not live without.

Color Shade: Concrete Pigment

tru hybrid color chart
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