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TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer

Nano Bond installation
nano bond

Start with a concrete bonding agent that works. Nano Bond ™ concrete bonding agent primer allows our overlay bag mixes to bond to existing concrete surfaces.





Used in the following Systems


Available In:


  • 5 gallon

  • 55 gallon 

  • Tru-Slick

  • Tru-Slate

  • Tru-Stamp

  • Tru-Spray

  • Tru-Rehab

  • Tru-Stain

  • Bonds cement based materials together.

  • Adheres to most surfaces.

  • Works fast and effective.

Nano Bond™


acrylic bonding agent

Nano Bond ™ concrete bonding agent is designed to adhere cement based surfaces together. As a concrete primer Nano Bond ™ concrete bonding agent promotes superior adhesion between the two surfaces.This concrete primer is very safe to use. It is water based and does not create any harmful fumes. There are also no dangerous solvents used in Nano Bond ™ concrete bonding agent.


When Nano Bond ™ concrete bonding agent is used as a concrete primer, it penetrates deeply into the substrate’s pores and forms a mechanical bond. It does this by forming tiny finger- like strands as it cures that are attached deep within the pores of the surface.


As the new coating is applied, the concrete primer will emulsify to become an integral part of the coating. This creates the bond between the old substrate and the new coating. This bond will never break on its own unless there is an external force greater than the bond itself.Nano Bond ™ concrete bonding agent is easily applied with a pump sprayer, soft-bristle brush or roller. Simply spray the concrete primer onto the surface and brush it in a circular motion.


This is to work the concrete primer into the surface pores. You should always apply two coats of our concrete primer for optimal performance.This concrete primer dries rather quickly and is ready to be coated as soon as the second coat is dry. This helps you move on with the project as quickly as possible.Nano Bond ™ concrete bonding agent is used between old and new concrete slabs. It is also used as a concrete primer when resurfacing concrete with a concrete overlay. These are the two main uses for Nano Bond™ concrete bonding agent.

Nano Bond ™ concrete bonding agent may also be added to different cement and mortar mixes that are used to patch concrete. It adds strength and flexibility to the cement mix patch. It should also be used as a concrete primer with that patch mix.This product is a compatible concrete primer with most polymer-modified overlays. It is also a compatible modifier in most cement-based mortars, grouts and admixtures.


Nano Bond ™ concrete bonding agent is also to be used prior to the application of TruHybrid Multi-Mix or Slick Mix Self-Leveling Overlay.

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