TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer


Solvent Base Urethane 

SBU ™ is a solvent based urethane coating. It is a two part formulation available in clear or pre-colored formulations.This product is ideal for coating most concrete, masonry, wood and metal surfaces. It has great adhesion properties with a very strong mechanical bond.


SBU ™ solvent based urethane coating is a 2:1 component ratio. You blend the two parts together for about sixty seconds and it is ready to be applied. There is no induction time.This urethane coating is extremely durable and will withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Even though it is applied very thin; it is very resistant to wear and chemicals.


SBU ™ is used in many different property types such as garages, fire houses, veterinarian clinics, hospitals, poultry and livestock processing plants and restaurant kitchens to name a few.This is one of the most economical solvent based urethane coatings available. The square foot cost for a whole system using this product as the topcoat will have the lowest overall square footage cost against anything comparable.


SBU ™ solvent based urethane is a great topcoat to be used over metallic epoxy systems and acid stained surfaces. It can be applied over water based coatings as well.We formulate this urethane coating as a high gloss finish. It can be matted with an additive we offer if that is the desired finish.


SBU ™ is VOC compliant in the OTC states. It does have a strong odor that dissipates rather quickly. Just vent the fumes out during the application. It is not explosive. It is safe for interior applications.There are no fading issues to worry about as it is UV stable and will not dis-color or yellow.


We offer this urethane coating in clear and colored versions. View our color chart to see our stock colored urethane.



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