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TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer

water base epoxy installation
water base epoxy

WBE ™ is a water based epoxy coating for use in many areas that demand low odors. It bonds well to concrete, wood and metal surfaces.




Used in the following Systems


Available In:


  • 2 gallon


  • Adheres to almost any surface.

  • Long pot life.

  • VOC compliant.

  • Available in clear and colored  formulations.

  • Very cost effective

  • Suitable for indoor application

  • No odors


  • Tru-Armour

  • TruShimmer

  • Tru-Shield


water base epoxy

WBE ™ is a water based epoxy coating. It is a two component epoxy coating designed for sealing concrete, masonry, wood and metal surfaces.


This water based epoxy is applied as a protective coating to resist some chemicals and abrasion. It is very durable and forms a long wearing surface.WBE ™ concrete floor coating may be used as a primer under just about every type of coating or as a complete epoxy coating system. It can be used as the primer and the epoxy top coat as well.


This is a great concrete floor coating due to its durability. Even being water based epoxy; it competes with any solvent based epoxy coating out there.


WBE ™ has almost no odor. It is ideal for any interior application. It has a very low VOC content without harsh solvents.One thing that really makes this product unique is that even though it is water based epoxy, it really wets out the surface and makes the color pop dramatically.It is and ideal concrete floor coating to use on acid stained concrete that needs a sealer to bring the color to life.


Instead of needing harsh solvent based products you can use WBE ™ water based epoxy to achieve the same effect.You have about a two hour pot life with this epoxy floor coating once mixed. Working time is about 20 minutes once the application has begun.


WBE ™ water based epoxy can be applied to slightly damp concrete to speed up turn-around time on a project that required wet prep on the slab.Our water based epoxy coating is available in clear and colored formulations.


Check out our epoxy coating color chart to see the available colors.If needed, we have the ability to custom match just about any color from different manufacturers.

water base epoxy color chart
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