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TruCrete provides the most unique real world decorative concrete training program for those interested in being a successful coatings contractor. We cover every aspect of the industry such as surface preparation, product and system application, marketing and business management and sales. One of our product technicians is at your call for all types of support. Whether it be sales, installation or warranty questions; we are here for you.


TruCrete will provide training on any specific flooring system that is requested. If you desire to learn certain systems we will be able to schedule customized training seminar for your company anytime throughout the year. Contact us for more information


What you should expect at our decorative concrete training


- A “Hands On” demonstration of our products and systems.


Our decorative concrete training seminar is “hands on” for one reason; doing is better than seeing.  Our goal is to make you successful.  The best way to accomplish that is to let you get your hands dirty.TruCrete’s coating workshop is very intense.  Our trainers will walk you through every application.  They will explain and show how and why certain things are done when applying TruCrete products.  But, nothing is as good as “Hands On” training.


- A TruCrete instructional binder with all coveted information.


After you have attended a TruCrete coatings seminar you will receive our complete Contractor’s Manual. Color charts for epoxy, urethane, metallic pigments, bag mixes and concrete stain.  Concrete stamp patterns with detailed information.  Concrete stencil patterns and designs to show your customers.

You will also now have in one place all technical data guides, products application guides and material safety data sheets.  The technical data sheets are for your reference and were written with architects and property owners in mind to make the process simpler.  The product application guides fully explain how to apply our decorative concrete products including tools needed and tips to follow.  The msds sheets should be kept with you at all times to be in compliance in the event something should come up and certain information is required on the job site.



- Samples and formulas for all systems created in class.


Not only do we show you and let you help apply multiple applications from start to finish in our decorative concrete training seminar but, we also give you the exact formula to be able to go home and duplicate that application over and over for practice.  Many other coatings seminars show you a few sample boards that they wing the day you show up.  They have no idea if it will turn out good or not and surely can not tell you how to do it again if it does.

Well, the decorative concrete class our trainers designed includes the recipe for each board we do and have it broken down for small batches.  It can be tough trying to find your personal technique as you are learning so you should not have to worry about if it will come out right or not.  TruCrete takes all the guess work out of the learning curve for you.


- Unlimited technical support to keep you profitable.


It is important to have a great training program to show you how to do the applications and explain why but, having a support system to help you as you grow is priceless.  That is where TruCrete Systems out does the competition.

When you attend our decorative concrete workshop you will be assigned your own personal technician.  Their job is to help you become a successful coatings applicator.  They do this by helping you with all aspects of your business.Surface preparation is the most important part of the process.  Your decorative concrete coating is only as good as what you go over.  It is important to know how to prepare a substrate and your TruCrete technician will explain the “how to’s” on every job after class.


The application of the coatings and products obviously is an important piece of the puzzle we will make your learning curve seem like a walk in the park.  Our technicians have years of field experience and will pass this knowledge on to you.

We also help with marketing ideas and strategies.  Because TruCrete has contractors all over North America we get to find out what is working the best for coating contractors and pass that information on to you.Knowing how to sell a service you offer is priceless.  We will show you the best way to sell yourself and your services.  That is the only way to create a revenue stream.  You could be the best applicator in the world but if you can not sell it no one will buy it.  Your personal technician will be sure you have all the tools possible to make you and your decorative concrete coatings business successful.

All the technical support happens for you free of charge after you have left our decorative concrete training seminar.  We want you to look at us more as a business partner instead of just a supplier.


Trucrete Seminars will be scheduled throughout the year.

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