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Decorative Concrete Overlays for Pool Decks


Pool decks are always the focal point your landscape whether it being at your home or community club. Over the years your existing concrete takes abuse from many different elements.

Freeze / Thaw cycle - Concrete shifts upwards due to the ground freezing and causes cracking where control joints were not placed.

Aggressive Power washing- Heavy pressure washing over the years causes the concrete to deteriorate if not properly sealed.

Staining- From trees dropping berries to kids spilling snowballs, stains are always finding there way into your concrete.

Furniture Scuffing- Over the years furniture legs scratch and chip concrete which allows water to puddle and deteriorate at a faster pace.

Tree roots- The little tree you planted with you kids has now grown and spread its roots under your concrete slab. This causes the concrete to shift and crack allowing water to penetrate deep into the slab.

Settlement- When the ground settles the concrete will follow. Some times this is caused by a water leak in the pool or a improper base compaction before the concrete was poured.


When you resurface your concrete you are not only adding a new beautiful appearance, You are adding a protective finish to your existing concrete.

More durable - Our coatings provide a more durable finish that resist staining and abrasive attacks.

Clean & Quick Turn Around- We will not bring in big heavy bobcats to tear up you landscape like ordinary concrete replacement / paver installation.

Unlimited Color and Design Options - Your concrete can be altered into any design you could draw on paper. We offer a variety of finishes from slate to flagstone. We 16 colors to chose from that can blended together to have a custom color finish.

GROUT FREE - Never worry about grouting again. Our concrete overlays are stenciled and give the appearance of grout without the hassle of the grout cracking and popping out.

Hide Imperfections - If you have existing spalled or cracked concrete we can repair them and cover over the repairs, as if they were never there. Random cracks can be incorporated into a random stone design in case the crack returns. If this is the case we can have the repaired crack hidden within a grout line(In case mother nature demands the crack is to stay).

Non Slip - Our concrete overlays have a non slip finish that insures safety around wet areas.

Will Not Stain - With the final coat of concrete sealer we insure that our concrete overlays will not stain.

Will Not Peel Up - Our products will have a stronger bond strength to the existing concrete than the concrete itself. There are important steps in the preparation to the existing concrete that insure our product not to peel, flake or chip.

No Noticeable Altered Height Surface - Our concrete Overlay systems are installed between 1/8' - 1/4" thickness. This allows us to feather to existing doorways, structures, railings, coping, ect.


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