Installing Slick Mix™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay?

What is Slick Mix™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay?

Slick Mix ™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay is used mainly as an self leveling compound floor leveler. It is the newest formulation of self leveling compounds with extended flow and heal times and higher compression strength. This product was engineered to offer many solutions in the flooring industry. It may be used as a traditional flooring underlayment. This is to smooth out sub-floors to make installation easier and faster. Slick Mix ™ self leveling concrete overlay may be used under engineered flooring as a floor leveler. Certain types of flooring need the flatness of the sub-floor to be within a certain tolerance. Slick Mix™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay will bring the flatness of the substrate within the required specification. Slick Mix ™ can be used as a finished flooring system itself. It can be applied over wood and concrete surfaces to achieve a hard troweled concrete appearance. This self leveling concrete overlay also known as a SLO can also be polished. It can go through the same polishing process as conventional concrete and produce the same fabulous results. Polish-able overlays are not created equal and Slick Mix ™ raises the bar.

Coloring for this self leveling compound can be achieved with integral color being added during placement. It can also be dyed or stained to achieve the desired color and effect. Slick Mix ™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay is the best floor leveler available. It is the easiest self leveling overlay to apply. It has the longest working and heal time even in hotter temperatures. The compression strength of Slick Mix ™ is very impressive. It boasts a high-early strength of 3500 psi in just 24 hours and a full cure compression strength of 7000 psi. This self leveling compound can accept foot traffic in as little as 2 hours. This allows a quick return to service with faster turn-around times.

Coloring Slick Mix™polish-able self leveling concrete overlay- Color shade™ is available in 16 beautiful colors and is packaged in a convenient 1 lb bag for every 50 lb bag of slick mix ( color chart available on website ).

Step 1: Surface Preparation.

Surface Prep, Surface Prep, Surface Prep… That’s the three most important terms for every floor system. It is extremely important to survey the floor before starting prep. Is there any oil, grease, paint, coatings???

  • Remove any grease, oil and dirt- You need to use a concrete cleaner or de-greasers in order to remove all contaminants from the pours of the concrete. If you start using a diamond grinder before cleaning, all you are doing is rubbing the contaminants into the pours of the concrete

  • Ideal surface prep method is shot blasting to a CSP of 3-6.

  • All surfaces are to be dry and clean.

  • Any cracks are to be filled with Crack Attack™ and ground smooth.

  • Area should have a consistent temperature and humidity level.

  • Be sure to apply protection to walls (tape and plastic) and apply weather stripping to dam the Slick Mix™ from entering non coated areas.

Step 2: Applying Primer to substrate.

When you are using Slick Mix™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay there are 2 ways you can prime the surface. The concrete substrate has a lot to deal with deciding the correct primer. Many existing concrete slabs are extremely porous allowing entrapped air to cause air bubbles in the Slick Mix™ if not properly primed. When you are dealing with a dense concrete slab you are going to have less chance of air bubbles forming. When you prime the floor using either method you want to make sure you go over all areas and inspect the primer for air bubbles before applying Slick Mix™polish-able self leveling concrete overlay.

  • For a Finish Topping or Over a Stable Wood Surface ( be sure to contact us about going over wood)– we recommend you always use our epoxy primer with a sand broadcast until rejection. This insures a strong bond and seals the pours of the concrete. Roll out our epoxy primer @ 10 mils and broadcast sand until rejection. Allow product to cure 6-12 hours(depending on temperature) then come back an remove all loose sand, leaving you with a rough sand paper finish.

  • For a Under-Lament– you can use our Acrylic Nano Bond™ when you are not concerned about the top finish( underlament) . Roll out the primer along the floor in even coats, not allowing the product to puddle. Multiple coats may be necessary when dealing with a porous slab in order to fill all the pours of the concrete. Make sure you apply Slick Mix™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay within 2 hours of the final coat of Nano Bond™.

Step 3: Mixing Slick Mix™polish-able self leveling concrete overlay.

These following steps are recommended when mixing Slick Mix™ polish-able self leveling concrete overlay

  • Lay a tarp down and set up a table in a shaded area ( pop up canopy recommended when mixing outside )