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Understanding Metallic Epoxy.

Metallic epoxy is the hottest trend in the construction industry. Nothing like it has been seen before. There are so many benefits with this system but, sheer beauty tops the list.

So, we know it is pretty and unique but, what is it. Metallic epoxy is a combination of metallic pigments and an epoxy resin. The two are blended together and that is what creates the molten lava look.

Metallic pigments are sometimes called pearlescent pigments. They are a blend of mica powder and synthetic iron oxide pigments. All are in dry, powder form at this point. These pigments are very light and fluffy. They resemble sparkly eye shadow.

The pearlescent colorant needs to be mixed with a carrier such as epoxy. The combination of a pearlescent pigment and epoxy resin is what makes metallic epoxy. The two are blended together and applied to any suitable surface such as concrete or wood floors, counter tops, table tops and even wall panels.

You start with a colored base coat known as a primer coat. This is to seal up the pores and create a smooth non-permeable layer. Let’s say we are using black which is my favorite base color because it makes the final look appear warm and rich.

Then you would mix your desired color of pearlescent pigment into the epoxy. Once that is done you will apply an even layer of the metallic epoxy over the entire surface.

What happens next is what makes this so unique; as time passes, the metallic epoxy flows and levels out falling into the contour of the concrete or wood surface. The higher levels are left with some of the base color showing through and some of the higher spots have a lighter shade of the pearlescent pigment visible. The lowest areas are the darkest.

So, with even this basic base color and one pearlescent color you will end up with at least three shades or more. Other colors could be added if desired. The options are endless.

This system is seamless meaning there are no grout lines to collect dirt or bacteria. It is ultra, durable and will last longer than most traditional flooring options.

Shimmer is TruCrete’s metallic epoxy system. It is available in 16 beautiful, earth tone colors. You can view our metallic epoxy color chart to see the different shades that are available.


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