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TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer

Solvent base epoxy installation

pap 73™ 

VOC FREE Polyaspartic floor coating

PAP 73 ™ is the most user friendly polyaspartic coating available. It is used for top coats and broadcast systems.




Used in the following Systems


Available In:


  • 2 gallon kit


  • High Gloss

  • UV / IR Resistant

  • Excellent abrasion/ chemical resistance

  • Superior adhesion to concrete and other hard coatings

  • Resistant to moisture and bacteria

  • Zero VOC

  • Low Odor

  • Crystal Clear

  • Packaged in plastic buckets

  • EZ peel away lids

  • Tru-Armour

  • TruShimmer

  • Tru-Shield

PAP 73™ is a VOC-free, two-part aliphatic polyaspartic clear gloss coating designed as a high performance coating for use in a variety of protective coating and seamless flooring applications.


PAP 73™ is provides excellent abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance while maintaining flexible properties. PAP 73™ exhibits low odors and fast setting properties, which is ideal for application in areas that need to be returned to service quickly.


Common uses include industrial and commercial flooring, deck and swimming pool coatings, decorative concrete and garage floors

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