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Solvent base epoxy installation
HBE™ Self Leveling Epoxy

HBE ™100% solids high build self leveling epoxy coating is the toughest industrial concrete epoxy coating on the market. It is used for top coats and broadcast systems.




Used in the following Systems


Available In:


  • 3 gallon kit


  • UV resistant.

  • Long wear.

  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

  • No blush.

  • VOC compliant.

  • Available in clear and colored formulations.

  • Self leveling


  • Tru-Armour

  • TruShimmer

  • Tru-Shield


100% solids self leveling 

high build epoxy

HBE ™ is a high build 100% solids epoxy coating. It is a self leveling epoxy with a 100% solids formulation.This product is mainly used as a concrete epoxy floor coating. It forms a very hard long-wearing surface. It has great abrasion and chemical resistance.


HBE ™ self leveling epoxy is an ideal choice as a residential, commercial and industrial concrete floors coating. This self leveling epoxy is a great protective coat over acid stained floors, concrete overlays and just regular concrete. It is also used in broadcast systems like colored quartz and colored flakes. It is used as the broadcast coat and top coat as well.


The newest use for this product is with metallic pigments to create a metallic epoxy floor system. This is because of the awesome self-leveling epoxy properties in HBE ™. The colors are able to really flow over the surface underneath and give the most unique look. HBE ™ self leveling epoxy is the best concrete epoxy floor coating available to contractors.


It is blush resistant and UV  resistant. It is easy to apply with just a squeegee and roller. It has the perfect viscosity to spread easy and it levels out very smooth. It has no odor and VOC compliant. It can withstand the highest level of abrasion.


This self leveling epoxy is packaged in plastic 3 gallon kits for easy handling and shipping and also to reduce waste. This is the most convenient size and is most user-friendly. We recommend using one of our epoxy coating primers prior to applying HBE ™. This is to help seal the surface with a penetrating sealer first and it allows the HBE ™ self leveling epoxy to spread easier over the substrate.


Our epoxy coatings including HBE ™ can be used over concrete, wood and metal surfaces that have had proper surface preparation performed. This self-leveling epoxy coating is available in a clear formulation with the option to add colorpacks onsite.


Both are a simple 2:1 ratio for easy measuring and mixing. Check out our simple to add epoxy color packs for easy onsite blending. 

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