TUFF Seal™

Solvent based Acrylic sealer


95% solids Polyurea broadcast primer Hybrid floor coating

PBP™ is a odor free hybrid polyurea design to be used as a primer/broadcast in a single coat. 

This product is a simple 2:1 mixing ratio. Then blend for about 60 seconds and the product is ready to be applied. This coating may be applied with a roller, brush or squeegee.

TruCrete has our own preferred method of application using these tools that speeds installation time and gives a consistent finish every time. We teach this at our training seminar programs throughout the year.

The only real thing that effects the cure time of PBP™ polyurea floor coating is humidity. High humidity levels will slightly shorten work time.

Average working time with our formula is between 30-40 minutes or more. Even with the long working time it will still take foot traffic in 2 hours or less.

There are very few limitations for PBP™ odor free polyurea coating. This floor coating exceeds the industry standards when it comes to adhesion.  It is the most durable product and the easiest to use. It is very versatile allowing the contractor to do many different things with one product.

Color paks available for onsite tinting.

Available in: White, Black, Grey, Tan  .... Specialty Colors are available upone request. 

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