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Trucrete Inc. is proud to announce that we will be distributing RESIMAC  products to full fill the needs in the industrial coatings industry. Please click the link below to obtain more information on the products.


Resimac industrial coatings is a global supplier of high performance epoxy and polyurethane chemical and corrosion coatings and resin based repair materials. With over 40 years manufacturing experience and a high level of technical expertise, our product range is proven to perform in the most demanding of environments.


With UK based facilities, backed by our technical team and worldwide distributor network, Resimac is able to offer local solutions to our global client base.


What Resimac Can Do:


Repair concrete and metallic surfaces subject to erosion and corrosion

Protect concrete and metallic surfaces from weathering, erosion and corrosion

Upgrade the performance of concrete and metallic surfaces

Call us to speak with our technical support team and we will strive to find a solution to your problem.

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